• Valuable conformation in the case of calves, which means that in Europe a BB crossed calf at less than 3 weeks is sold for between 3 and 4 times the price of a pure bred Holstein.
  • Additional use of female sexed semen in dairy farming: once they have ensured renewal of the herd through the use of female sexed semen on their best reproducers, an increasing number of dairy farmers are inseminating the herd with BB: better fertility, less expensive straws, better calf prices… improved revenue for the farmer.
  • Can be used for industrial crossbreeding with any breed : Holstein, Montbéliarde, Simmental, Aubrac, Salers, or even Jersey in Europe. But also on local breeds in Africa, including N’dama, or in Asia (in Indonesia and Vietnam), in Australia on Angus, in Brazil on zebu, etc…

It is, however, important to note that these crossbreeds were produced with BBG bulls from a selection programme appropriate for use in crossbreeding (cf. Selection tab in the menu. A crossbreeding selection programme unique in the world).

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